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Restaurants: Customer Reward Program

How Optemax Works

Customer Sign-Up/Comment cards are distributed to customers during their visit, asking them to rate various aspects of your restaurant and inviting them to join your Customer Reward Program. If a database of customer names and e-mail addresses already exists, that information is transferred to your new Optemax database and a promotional e-mail with a special incentive is sent inviting those customers to join the program.


When your customers "opt-in" to the program, their names, e-mail addresses and other important dates (birthdays and anniversaries) are entered into your restaurant's Optemax database and your customers automatically begin receiving management-approved, professionally designed, customized promotions via e-mail.



Optemax Features

  • Graphics customized to your corporate identity
  • Detailed reporting
  • Advanced analytics and survey capabilities
  • Website sign-up capabilities


Optemax Benefits

  • Cost-effective
  • Measures campaign performance
  • Professionally designed and written
  • Generates additional customer visits each month
  • Opt-in format (no spam) targets customers who want to receive
    offers and updates
  • Katy-based headquarters and support staff

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